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colour meme:
elena + complementary colours (green/magenta and red/cyan)

make me choose: anonymous asked me tylena or beremy?

rebekah mikaelson + hair porn


favorite tvd looks

Elena Gilbert. 5x07 Death and the Maiden (21/∞)

i'll remember

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AHHHH this is so nice of you, I admire you so much, this message definitely brightened my day, THANK YOU <333

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Promo

Whoa. D o n ’ t  do that.

otp challenge: [4/6] moments

When it’s real, you can’t walk away.


bamon + agreeing with one another

#but tell me i rly want to know how many times has damon agreed with smb in the past  #and when has bonnie ever been so trusting of someone’s plans and ideas #they’re both super suspicious of everyone else, never trusting, never letting ppl in  #but when they’re together they just know they’re on the same team, they don’t even stop to question it #they respect and trust each other even when they’re not fighting for the same thing and that’s fucking beautiful

delena rewatch meme: 8 "touch me" moments
1x02, 1x21, 2x22, 3x10, 3x19, 4x06, 5x16, 5x22
“…I have to admit that he touches something deep inside me that makes me shiver – a part of myself even I don’t understand.

delena meme four places
↳ [1/4] Elena’s porch.


delena rewatch meme | [2/2] moments per season → S3

I want you to get everything you’re looking for. But right now, I need you to forget that this happened.