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The Rebekah to my Stefan ღ

TVD meme[5/7] Deaths
∟ “God, I forgot what a brat you were. What? I’m done playing nice.”


bamon + agreeing with one another

#but tell me i rly want to know how many times has damon agreed with smb in the past  #and when has bonnie ever been so trusting of someone’s plans and ideas #they’re both super suspicious of everyone else, never trusting, never letting ppl in  #but when they’re together they just know they’re on the same team, they don’t even stop to question it #they respect and trust each other even when they’re not fighting for the same thing and that’s fucking beautiful

Bonnie Bennett meme:

Bonnie (/ˈbɒni/ bon-ee) - Meaning: beautiful


Grams did a thing.


Bonnie Bennett + learning her powers | 1x07 (part 1)

"How did we end up in Mystic Falls?"

Scott McCall + Bonnie Bennett Parallels


I’m sure there are a million people we both rather be with right now, but…

A couple thousands at most


bamfoline: #bonnie bennett  #kicking ass and taking names  #standing her ground  #holding her own  #bringing bitches back to life  #and taking down originals  #self-taught  #self-made  #self-styled  #she amassed more power in two years  #than liv will have in her entire lifetime  #get down on your knees girl and kiss the ring  #you’re in the presence of the supreme  #this show is a joke  #and its treatment of the bennett line (and bonnie specifically) is criminal  #other witches and vampires should stand in awe and cower in fear  #at the mere mention of their name  #courage needs no audience  #and tvd constantly disappoints the one it has 


The Other Side is collapsing and everyone in it, including me, is going away for good.

I’ve been watching over you.

5x01 || 5x08 || 5x15 (Requested by bonniegilberrt)