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OTP: The Hybrid King & The Ripper of Monterrey
The Rebekah to my Stefan ღ

You lied to me.

Home is where my heart is

OTP Challenge: 6 Moments [4/6]
That dance that they did today, kind of remind me of when… When we danced together?

underrated delena scenes: 3/?

If it comes down to the people I love getting killed and me,
I know what my choice is going to be.

Dear diary…


"[Alaric] and Elena are closer than ever, which is great because she has somebody in her life she can really rely on and they can share their grief together. -Julie Plec (x)

Something’s changed, between damon and me…

"And that’s what love should be. You should love the person that makes you glad that you’re alive."

elena gilbert + her fabulous hairstyles

Delena rewatch meme:   [1/5] songs (that played on the show or that you wished that was played)

↳ Digital Daggers – Still Here.

"I’d die to be where you are. I tried to be where you are."