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OTP: The Hybrid King & The Ripper of Monterrey
The Rebekah to my Stefan ღ

"He had the whole s a v i o r  o f  t h e  u n i v e r s e voice going on.”
"I like that voice.”

delena meme eight words
↳ [5/8] Life.


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"There was nothing sweeter in her life these days than Damon’s kisses. She could drift like this forever, forgetting the outside world. And that was a good thing, because she had the feeling that there was much depression in the outside and not too much happiness. But if she could always come back to this, this welcome, this sweetness, this ecstasy…"                                               — Shadow Souls

"I thought you were checked out of taking care of people.”

You lied to me.

Home is where my heart is

OTP Challenge: 6 Moments [4/6]
That dance that they did today, kind of remind me of when… When we danced together?

underrated delena scenes: 3/?

If it comes down to the people I love getting killed and me,
I know what my choice is going to be.

Dear diary…


"[Alaric] and Elena are closer than ever, which is great because she has somebody in her life she can really rely on and they can share their grief together. -Julie Plec (x)